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L. K.ATHEEQ Additional Chief Secretary 22252078 255, Vidhana Soudha
Dr.P.C.JAFFER, IAS Secretary (Budget & Resources) 22353138 251, Vidhana Soudha
Dr.REJU M.T, IAS Secretary (Expenditure) 22340259 208, Vidhana Soudha
Dr.Vishal R,IAS Secretary (FISCAL REFORMS) 22373427 401 MS Building
NITISH.K, IAS Deputy Secretary (Budget & Resources)/ Special Officer-Budget 22258973 249F, Vidhana Soudha
22251121 250, Vidhana Soudha
Vacant Additional Secretary-1 22282590 203, Vidhana Soudha
SHOBHA H A Joint Secretary (FR & BCC)  Section (FR and BCC) 22033243 259, Vidhana Soudha
UMA K Joint Secretary (Services-II) 22353987 202A, Vidhana Soudha
VATSALA KUMARI C Joint Secretary FCC 22373429 MS Building

Deputy Secretary

(Admin & Co-ord)



256, Vidhana Soudha
JHONSON ANTHONY   Deputy Secretary (Services-I) 22353984 207, Vidhana Soudha
GOPICHANDRA S Deputy Secretary 22251495 259, Vidhana Soudha
SUDARSHAN KUMAR D S Deputy Secretary (Welfare) 22255728 258, Vidhana Soudha
AVINASH G Deputy Director - PMU PMU Matters-World Bank Related   MS Building
C HARISH Head of the Legal Cell (I/c) All Legal Matters   MS Building
SHREEKRISHNA N BUGATYAGOL Ex-Officio Joint  Secretary (ZP) 22256351 249B, Vidhana Soudha
HONNALINGAPPA Y B Ex-Officio Joint  Secretary    (PW-FC) 22250802 249C, Vidhana Soudha
MURALIDHARA C Special Officer (FRC & CC)  Section (FRC & CC)  22033224 249E, Vidhana Soudha
VANITHA .N  Under Secretary (Exp-1 and Inv) Section (EXP-1 & Investment )  22033210 201E, Vidhana Soudha
LALITHA H.R Under Secretary (Exp-2 & 10) Section (Exp-II & X)  22033249 249A, Vidhana Soudha
DAYANAND Under Secretary (Exp-3 & 9) Section (Exp-III & IX)  22033123 367, Vidhana Soudha
SANGANNAVAR M H Under Secretary (Exp-4 & 5)  Section (Exp-IV & V)  22033812 205, Vidhana Soudha
VIDYA H PAI Under Secretary (ZP) Section (Exp-VI & XI)  22033352 249B, Vidhana Soudha
PRAJITH K M Under Secretary  (VII & VIII) Section (VII & VIII)  22033583 249, Vidhana Soudha
KAVITHA L Under Secretary (CT-I) Section (CT-1)  22033312 249B, Vidhana Soudha
RAJAMMA Under Secretary (CT-II &
Sections (CT-II & Co-ordination)  22033459 360A, Vidhana Soudha
AJAY KORODE Under Secretary (Services-1) Sections (Services 1 & 3)  22033135 207A, Vidhana Soudha
JAYASHREE Under Secretary (Services-2) Section (Service -2)  22033402 202A, Vidhana Soudha
GAYATHRI K Under Secretary (Public Works Finance Cell) Sections (PWFC-1 & 2)  22033518 249E, Vidhana Soudha
KANTHAMMA Under Secretary (Procurement Cell) Section (EXP -12)  22033160 360A, Vidhana Soudha
NETHRAPRABHA DAYAPULE Under Secretary (Advances & Admin) Sections (Admin & Advances)  22033392 249A, Vidhana Soudha
MANJULA NATARAJ Under Secretary (Excise) Section (Excise)  22033330 201G, Vidhana Soudha
VENKATESH Under Secretary (FCC & Pension) Sections  (FCC & PENSION  )  22032010 257, Vidhana Soudha
NAGARATHNA Under Secretary  (IF, V & VII) Section  (IF, VI & VII)  22032724 MS Building
HARISH DESK OFFICER (Legal Cell) All Legal Matters  22032833 MS Building
VEERABADARAIAH Section Officer (Exp-1) Energy ,C&I ,IDD & Public Enterprises     22033766 257, Vidhana Soudha
TANUJA Section Officer (Exp-2) Co-operation & IT-BT , S&T    22033744 249B, Vidhana Soudha
SHANTHAKUMARI Section Officer (Exp-3) Social Welfare, BCWD & Minority Welfare    22033823 249C, Vidhana Soudha
NAGARATHNA Section Officer (Exp-4) Agri , Horti , AH&F & Sericulture    22033826 249C, Vidhana Soudha
SHOBHA M B Section Officer (Exp-5) HFW & ME, FEE & F &CS    22033747 205, Vidhana Soudha
SIDDIQ PASHA Section Officer (Exp-6) RDPR & Planning    22033445 249C, Vidhana Soudha
MAHEBOOB KHAN Section Officer (Exp-7) Revenue, K&C , Information ,Tourism & Youth Services     22033760 249, Vidhana Soudha
BYRAJU K S Section Officer (Exp-8) Education (Primary, Secondary & Higher)    22033746 249, Vidhana Soudha
NAVEEN KUMAR Section Officer (Exp-9)   Housing ,UDD , Labour & Skill Development    22033745 249B, Vidhana Soudha
SUDHA Section Officer (Exp-10)   WCD, Law, Legislature & Parly Affairs     22033593 202, Vidhana Soudha
PUSHPANJALLI Section Officer (Exp-11)  (I/C) Home & Transport    22033229 249C, Vidhana Soudha
GOPAL B V Section Officer (Exp-12) Procurement Matters, DPAR ,e-Governance     22033827 249C, Vidhana Soudha
UMADEVI G Section Officer (Investment) Guarantees-Monitoring of Loans & Adv-Dividends/Int Budget Memorandum & Investment Matters    22033768 205, Vidhana Soudha
SHILPASHREE T S Section Officer (BCC) Budget Compilation work    22033762 257, Vidhana Soudha
ANITHA Section Officer (FR) KFC, KTC, MCE, Budget Manual & Delegation Powers.    22033262 257, Vidhana Soudha
JAYANTHI Section Officer (FRC) Government of India Credit confirmation, RBI matters & Economy orders.    22033765 257, Vidhana Soudha
MEGHANA N Section Officer (Computer Cell) Budget data compilation, Budget Volume preparation,NABARD matters- relating to issue of time promissory note and repayment of principal and interest, Website management.    22033033 249E, Vidhana Soudha
SAVITHA Section Officer (Services-1) Matters relating to KCSR's, Absorption of employees, Special rules, Inter State Transfers & Payment of Ex-gratia.    22033145 207, Vidhana Soudha
HANUMANTHRAJU Section Officer (Services-2) Revision of pay scales, allowance, OPC matters, Time Bound Advace & sanction of Allowances.    22033402 202, Vidhana Soudha
VISHWANATH Section Officer (Services-3)  Amendment to KCSR's, Upgradation of posts, Deputation abroad/Higher Studies, Review of C&R Rules, Counting of past services, TA&DA Rules, Rules relationg to Government Quarters, Preparation of Compendium relating to FD (Services).    22033153 207, Vidhana Soudha
MANJUNATHA S Section Officer (PW FC-1) WRD & MI    22033814 249C, Vidhana Soudha
BASAVARAJU Section Officer (PW FC-2) PWD,Refund of Security Depost and Release of Funds & Revised Estimate Proposals    22033741 249C, Vidhana Soudha
UMA G Section Officer (Pension) All matters relating to Retired Government employees and pension matters, All matters relating to NPS    22032708 257, Vidhana Soudha
LOKESH Section Officer (IFS) RIDF, NABARD, SLBC, SLCRC, RRBs and other Institutional Finance related matters.    22032063 MS Building
PRIYANKA Section Officer (PMU) (I/C) Externaly Aided Projects    22032252 MS Building
DHARAMAPPA Section Officer (Excise) All matters relating to Excise    22033830 201G, Vidhana Soudha
MAMATHA RANI Section Officer- (CT-1) Sales Taxes, VAT related matters.    22033761 249B, Vidhana Soudha
VANI Section Officer- (CT-2) All service & administrative matters relating to CT Dep.   22033742  249B, Vidhana Soudha
SHARANAPPA M Section Officer (Administration) Matters relating to SAD and Commisionerate of Treasuries.   22033759  249A, Vidhana Soudha
KOMALA V Section Officer (Advances) Alladvaces related matters, KGID & Small Savings Dept.    22033758 249A, Vidhana Soudha
<VACANT> Section Officer (FCC) Matters relating to 14th and 15th Finance Commission and other FCC matters, Matters relating to 14th and 15th Finance Commission and other FCC matters    22032748 207, Vidhana Soudha
ANAND Section Officer (R&I and Co-ord) All matters relating to Co-ordination of Finance Department.    22033769 363C, Vidhana Soudha
KALAVATHI S  Accounts Officer (A/c Mgmt) PAC and Audit matters    22032059 MS Building

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