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FD 14 SRS 2022 19-08-2023

Regarding Charge Allowance Clarification

2.28  Click to View
FD 4 SRS 2023 27-06-2023

Regarding recovery of wrongful wages and allowances wrongly paid to Government servants in excess

3.33  Click to View
FD 23-09-2022


Regarding revision of charge allowance rates currently in force in the state.

2.17 Click to View 
FD 30 SRP 2022 26-08-2022

Revision of uniform allowance of officers officials of the Hon’ble Governor Secretariat

0.50 Click to View 
FD 18 SRP 2022 05-08-2022

Insturction of 5th Schedule to KCS Rules 2018-Reminder

0.18 Click to View 
FD 8 MaKaMu 2021


Revision of the Festival Advance to Government Employees

0.17 Click to View 
FD 06 SRA 2020 11-12-2020

Amendment of Karnataka Civil Services Rules 213 and 214

0.22 Click to View
FD 05 SRA 2020 22-07-2020

Amendment of Appendix-I in Karnataka Civil Services Rules

0.23 Click to View
FD 13 SRP 2020 11-08-2020

Guidelines regarding grant of stagnation increments to government employees who have reached maximum stage in the time scale of pay-reg.

1.63 Click to View 

FD 05 (e) SeNiSe 2019


Clarification of revised rates of incharge allowance.

0.62  Click to View

FD 18 SRP 2019


Grant of Hardship Allowance to certain cadres in Fire and Emergency Service and Prisons Dept.

0.95 Click to View

FD 6 SRP 2019


Revision of Hardship Allowance to Police Personnel and Grant of Special Allowance .

0.93  Click to View 
FD 01 SeNiSe2019 16-07-2019 Addition of Paralympic Committee of India with Kridakuta list as in Appindix-B 1958 KCSR Rule. 1.73 Click to View
FD  6  SRP2019 16-07-2019 Upward revision of the pay scales of certain categories of posts in the Police Department implementation of the recommendations of the 6th State Pay Commission 3.71  Click to View 
FD  6  SRP2019 19-06-2019 Revised Rates of Hardship Allowance payable to Police Constables in Police Department 1.01 Click to View
FD 08 SRS 2019 30-04-2019

Regarding Revision of Charge Allowance Rates

0.85 Click to View
FD 08  SENISA 2018  06-10-2018 Clarification sanction of charge allowance   0.17 Click to View
FD 04 SANATI 2018 16-10-2018 Amendment to GO. No. FD FD 04   1.80 Click to View 
FD 25 SRP 2018 20-10-2018  Assignment of corresponding revised  selection pay scale in 2018 revised pay scales to selection pay scale of Rs.25300-46500 assigned to lectures government/aided PU college  coming under the control of PU department, who have completed 10 years of service  2.05  Click to View 
FD 28 SRP 2018 20-10-2018  Merger of one additional increment sanction to Head Master and High Schools teachers of Government /Aided  High School and Lectures and Principals of Government/Aided Pre-University College  2.12  Click to View 
FD 09 SANITI 2018 05-11-2018  Delegation of powers to Head of Departments to grant facilities under rule 247- A Karnataka Civil Service Rules  3.77  Click to View 
FD 01 SRS 2019 04-05-2019  Revision of Annual incremental dates of State Government Employees-clarification regarding  0.13  Click to View 
FD 01 SRS 2019 04-05-2019   Revision of maximum qualifying service for purpose of earning full pension - clarification  regarding 0.13  Click to View 
FD 02 SANITI 2018 27-05-2019  Consideration of employee service for pension related as per KCSR rule - 247(A)  0.20  Click to View 
FD 02 SANITI 2019 07-06-2019  Delegation of power to secretary Health and family welfare Service  Department to departmental officer for higher education.    0.20  Click to View 
FD 02(E) SENISE 2019 06-08-2019 Payment of remuneration  to all India Service Officers who have discharged additional charge in non government organisation 1.80 Click to View

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