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Budget Speech Budget Presented by Shri. Siddaramaiah Chief Minister on 12th July 2013 2.5 view logo
Budget Highlights Highlights of Budget 


view logo
AFS Annual Financial Statement 1.0 view logo
Overview of  Budget Overview of  Budget 1.0 view logo
MTFP Medium Term Fiscal Plan 6.8 view logo
Revenue Receipts Detailed Esitmates of Revenue Receipts 1.5 view logo
Expenditure-Volume-1 Detailed Estimates of Expenditure Major Head 2011-2049 1.1 view logo
Expenditure-Volume-2 Detailed Estimates of Expenditure  Major Head 2051-3606 and Public Debt 1.6 view logo
Expenditure-Volume-3 Detailed Estimates of Expenditure  Major Head 2202-2205 1.2 view logo
Expenditure-Volume-4 Detailed Estimates of Expenditure  Major Head 2210-2211 1.1 view logo
Expenditure-Volume-5 Detailed Estimates of Expenditure  Major Head 2215-2251 2.0 view logo
Expenditure-Volume-6 Detailed Estimates of Expenditure  Major Head 2401-2415 1.5 view logo
Expenditure-Volume-7 Detailed Estimates of Expenditure  Major Head 2425-2810 1.5 view logo
Expenditure-Volume-8 Detailed Estimates of Expenditure  Major Head 2851-3475 1.5 view logo
District Sector-Volume-1 Bangaluru Division 1.9 view logo
District Sector-Volume-2 Mysuru Division  1.8 view logo
District Sector-Volume-3 Belgavi Division  1.8 view logo
District Sector-Volume-4  Kalburgi Division  1.9 view logo
Demands for Grants Summary of Demands for Grants and Charged Appropriations-Part I & II 2.9 view logo
Gender Budget Gender Budget 1.7 view logo
ULB Budget Allocation for Urban Local Bodies 1.7 view logo
Provision for Plan Schemes Details of Provision for Plan Schemes 2.5 view logo
Detailed Estimates of Irrigation Detailed Estimates of Irrigation 1.3 view logo
Detailed Estimates of Public Works Detailed Estimates of Public Works 1.0 view logo

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