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FD 105 INV 2023


New Business by GoK-Owned Enterprises


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FD 101 INV 2023 07-11-2023

Prepration of quarterly financial results by GoK-Owned Companies

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FD 91 INV 2023   


Appointment of Independent Directors

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FD 59 TAR 2023  08-08-2023

Opening a new deposit account in the treasury in the name of Chief Executive Officer, Center for e-Governance (CEG).

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FD 28 (T) EXP-1-2023  01-08-2023

Guidelines for Investment of Surplus funds-fixing NPA-reg

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FD 28 (T) EXP-1-2023 01-08-2023

Guidelines for investment of Surplus fund-fixing NPA,

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FD 148 FR 2023 27-04-2023

Regarding crediting of grants released in respect of schemes in State Sectors to the Consolidated Fund.

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FD 03 INV 2023 13-01-2023

Circular to All Government of Karnataka-Owned Companies

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FD 52 SRP 2022


Contributing one day salary of all the State Government Employees of Haveri District to 86th Akhila Bharatha Kannada Sahithya Sammelana.

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FD 42 SRP 2022


Deduction of Contribution from Karnataka State Government Employees Salary and Utilize for Implementation of Punyakoti Dattu Yojane.

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FD 50 INV 2022 19-10-2022

Payment of Dividend by PSUs Owned by Government of Karnataka

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FD 09 MAK 2022 07-09-2022

Regarding sanction of interest-free advance for purchase of electronic equipments to the employees of the State Government

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 FD 01 TTC 2022 05-09-2022

Regarding submission of Life Certificate of Pensioners/Family Pensioners

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FD 55 (T) EXP-1-2022 22-08-2022

Guidelines for investment of surplus funds fixing NPA

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FD 66 INV 2022 19-08-2022

Functions and powers of Finance Department in relation to State Public Sector Enterprises.

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FD 26 SRP 2022 19-07-2022

Chikkamagaluru District Government Employees One Day Salary Deduction

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FD 02 TFP 2016          10-06-2022

Amendment regarding notifying the officers of Directorate of Economices and Statistics for exercising the powers at Divisional Level

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Calling for applications to the posts of Research Fellows and Research Associates in Fiscal Policy Institute.

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FD 66 CAM 2020


Standard Operating Procedures detailing the roles and responsibilities of competent authorities and others under the Restricted Deposits Prohibition Act-2019 (BUDS Act-2019)

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FD 84 (T) EXP-1-2021


Guidelines for investment of surplus funds fixing NPA

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FD 17 TAR 2021


Regarding continuation of Personal Deposit Account of Deputy Divisional Officers (KLLAD) for 2021-22 Financial Year.

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FD 24 TAR 2020


Details of officers/staff working in government /corporations/councils/universities/other autonomous bodies in HRMS

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FD 08 TAR 2020 02-01-2021

Guidelines on Investment of Surplus Funds by Boards, Corporations, Local Bodies, Authorities and Autonomous Bodies etc.

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FD 29 TAR 2020 19-10-2020

Departments concerned about the payment of beneficiary-based payments through the DBT platform of the Department of  e-Governance

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FD 235 EXP-11-2020 29-09-2020 

Covid-19 Financial Relief to Aided School Teachers

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FD 190 EXP-11/2020


COVID-19 Financial Assistance (Continuation Order) 0.33 Click to View 
FD 217 EXP-11-2020


Covid-19 Related Financial assistance

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FD 76 (T) EXP-1-2020


Guidelines for Investment of Surplus Funds-fixing NPA

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FD 4(E) SENISE 2020 29-08-2020

Sanction of Special Casual Leave in case of Government employees who undergo COVID-19 reg.

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FD 190 EXP-11-2020 07-08-2020

Exgratia for Government employees who died from Covid-19 while covid-19 Duty

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 FD 4 SRS 2020 22-07-2020

Sanction of Special Casual Leave to government who are either in containment zones who could not come out to attend the officer asked to be in self-isolation due to the Corona-19 pandemic regarding.

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FD 157 EXP-11-2020 18-06-2020

Insurance coverage to Corona Warriors         

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FPI Est-23-2019-20 15-06-2020

Calling for applications to the post of Research Associates and Research Associates and Research Consultants in Fiscal Policy Institute

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FD 16 TAR 2020


About Paying Wages to Contract Outsourcing Daily Wages Workers

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FD 11 SRP 2020 29-05-2020

Deduction of one day salary from State Government employees working in kalaburgi.

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FD 114 EXP-11-2020 02-05-2020

Covid-19 is Concerned with Covering all the Anganwadi Workers and Helpers in the State under Medical Insurance.

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FD 08 SRP 2020 04-04-2020 Clarification on Salary deduction and contribution to COVID-19 CMRF 0.14 Click to View
Corrigendum - FD 08 SRP 2020 dated 01-04-2020 03-04-2020   0.71 Click to View
FD 08 SRP 2020 01-04-2020 Contribution to COVID-19, CMRF by Deducting One Day Salary in the March 2020 Salary of State Government Employees  0.30  Click to View
FD 07 SRP 2019 03-02-2020

Construction of Community Hall at Mandya.

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FD 03 CAM 2019 18-12-2019

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in respect of the Karnataka Protection of Interest of Depositors in Financial Establishment Act-2004

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FD 07 SRP 2019


Deduction of one day Salary for Construction of Government Employees Community Hall at Mandya

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FD 24 TAR 2019  27-08-2019

Regarding the deposit of interest amount in the bank account in respect of the schemes to the accumulated fund

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FD 08 CAM 2018(P) 14-06-2019 Guidelines on Waiver of NPA Loans under Karnataka Crop Loan Waiver Scheme 2018 for distressed farmers in respect of Scheduled Commercial Banks and Regional Rural Banks 2.21 Click to view
 FD 01 TCE 2019  04-05-2019  Regarding the limits of the provision of manual rules of rule-55-49 (a) in relation to purchasing goods.  3.6  Click to view
 FD 04 BMS 2019 09-05-2019  Contribution to Odisha on account of natural calamities. 0.16 Click to view
FD 11 SRP 2019 21-08-2019 About one day salary Deduction from State Government Employees for the assistance of natural disaster victims in the state 4.4  Click to view
FD 14 BPA 2015


Revision of Criteria for New Service

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